100(grams) Malachite Tumbled Stones

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Your order will include 100 grams of tumbled stone. Stones can vary in size quite a bit, and will range from 5 - 20 grams in weight on average.

Regarding Malachite:

Malachite is a very unique looking stone with a very vivid emerald green colour. Different shades of green swirl together with black to create a beautiful pattern over the stone’s surface. It’s actually a secondary mineral of copper and is formed when carbonated water comes into contact with copper minerals or when a copper solution combines with limestone.

Physical Healing Properties: A very versatile healing stone used for many physical ailments and physical pain. Malachite is related to the female anatomy and can help relieve cramps in the body including menstrual cramps. It can also assist in childbirth and has been known as the midwife stone. It’s also known to be able to help with relieving asthma and lowers blood pressure. It’s also good for arthritis, swelling, broken bones, inflammation, torn or strained muscles, and tumours. Also great for travel sickness and vertigo. Great for all organs and the immune system.

Emotional Healing Properties: A very protective stone. It helps you investigate your deeper feelings to help you get to the root of an issue and helps you break unwanted patterns of behaviour. Malachite assists you in expressing your emotions and helps you understand others when they express their emotions. Relieves mental disturbances and encourages introspection.

Chakras: Connected with the Heart chakra and the Solar Plexus chakra, and balances them both.

Astrological signs: Malachite is related to Capricorn and Scorpio.

History: The word Malachite comes from the Greek word Moloche which means mallow, like the plant because it’s the same colour as the mallow leaves. This gemstone has been used as a pigment for paints when crushed for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians made jewelry with malachite in it, and they also used it to carve ornaments. It was mined as early as 4000 BC between Mt Sinai and the Suez. It’s even found in Egyptian hieroglyphs describing the stone to be part of their deities, and it was thought to protect against evil spirits. In Greece and Rome, they made vases and other items out of malachite and in Russia, it was used as a decorative architectural feature.

How to use it: Wear in rings or place on the Solar Plexus or Heart chakras for balancing or on places on the body where there is pain or discomfort. It’s also an excellent stone to have in the home too, so having malachite carvings in your home is beneficial as well.

Malachite Meaning via CrystalGemstones.net