Black Tourmaline Rough Stone

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Regarding Tourmaline:

Tourmaline is one of the more popular and sought after stones. It helps to protect you from negative and erratic energies. It is a protective and grounding stone that helps to diffuse. It attracts and absorbs erratic (negative) energy. This stone helps to cleanse, purify and transform dense energy into a lighter vibration. It absorbs disharmonious energies, diffuses and dissipates them. It is a good stone for inspiration, awareness, creativity, new challenges and negotiation skills. It is good for laughter therapy and in groups.

Physical Healing Properties: Tourmaline is good for healing and mental health. It rebalances the meridians. Natural Tourmaline wands are a useful healing tool that helps to clear the aura, disperse negative energy, remove blockages and help point to solutions for problems. It is good for digestion and the lymphatic system. It helps aid detoxing, and low blood pressure. It helps release tension, which makes it a good stone to use for spinal adjustments.

Emotional Healing Properties: Tourmaline can be used for balance, calming, removing blockages and for self-confidence. It is good for healing and mental health. It balances the right and left sides of the brain and transmutes negative thoughts into positive ones. It is good for the aura, inner self, yin/yang balance and psychic abilities. It helps with fear, breakdown, negativity, and obstructiveness. Tourmaline is helpful in treating dyslexia, paranoia and improving hand to eye coordination.

This stone aids in the understanding of oneself and of others, by taking you deeper into yourself, diminishing fear and promoting self-confidence. Brown, Red and Yellow Tourmaline help with sexuality and emotional dysfunction caused by a loss of libido. It helps balance the male and the female energy within the body.

Spiritual Healing Properties: Tourmaline helps to ground spiritual energy, it balances and clears all the chakras and forms a protective shield around the body. It is a shamanic stone that brings protection when used for rituals. Tourmaline is good for scrying. It clears the aura, removes blockages, and disperses negative energy.

It is excellent for balancing and connecting the chakras. It enhances the healing ability and offers protection on all levels from psychic attacks to simple accidents. Tourmaline wand crystals are good to help focus energy to the areas where most needed, aura healing and good for affirmations. It has a strong affinity with the devic energies and can be beneficial in the garden and to help plants.

Chakras: All Astrological signs: Libra

How to use it: Tourmaline can be carried with you in your pocket, or worn in jewelry such as a pendant or a ring. You can also sleep with a piece of Tourmaline underneath your pillow to help you relax and may enhance your dreams. To stimulate the meridians place the tip of a piece of Tourmaline pointing in the same direction as the flow.

Use in gardening and with plants to help absorb and attract frequencies, so the plant is freer to grow to its best potential. Tourmaline wands are useful healing tools. Excellent when used for gem essences working quickly and efficiently.

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Black Tourmaline Rough Stone
Black Tourmaline Rough Stone
Black Tourmaline Rough Stone
Black Tourmaline Rough Stone