Medium Celestite Crystal Cluster

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A stunning Celestite crystal Cluster will provide soothing and positive energy, as well as a connection with higher realms. Celestite got its name from the Latin word Caelestis which means Celestial or Of the Heavens, so this is a stone that is very connected with the angels and higher dimensions. Not only will it connect you with your own team of angels and spirit guides, it will also help you connect with your inner self or your soul. This stone can help you connect to who you are and what you're here on this Earth to do. Connected to the Thorat Chakra the centre of communication, Celestite helps you get in the flow of graceful communication. It can help you to speak your truth and set boundaries as needed. 

This crystal also helps you to release worry and stress which go hand in hand with anxiety. It will help to soothe your emotions and help you work through what you're feeling so that you can be in touch with your true self. It reminds us that emotions are here to guide us and they help us stay in tune with our intuition which is our inner voice. Listening to your inner voice is just as important as honing your ability to speak out loud. 

It balances and purifies your aura and your Throat Chakra so you can speak clearly. Also wonderful for public speakers, actors and singers. If you are a Gemini you might be especially attracted to this stone since it's very connected with communication which is Gemini's specialty. This stone is also wonderful for dreaming, dream recall and understanding the meaning behind dreams. It can also help you sort through nightmares and can help you have fewer nightmares and better, restful sleep. 

When you receive your Celestite crystal cleanse it from previous energy by running it under cold water or smudging it. You can use this stone in meditation, to help you gain more insight and intuition. Or place it on your bedside table to help with dreaming and sleep. Also, remember to charge your crystals under the full moon each month. 

Regarding Crystal Clusters

Crystal clusters are used for meditation and healing purposes. They can expand the mind to reach the spirit world.

A cluster crystal will radiate positive energy in a room, and this can be used to absorb the negative energies present. It’s also used for protection and for transforming bad vibrations into good ones.

It will enhance cooperation and harmony, and it will help your life force to remain positive all throughout. It will also offer a soft, gentle, and uplifting energy that will help raise your awareness.

This type of crystal will also establish and maintain a connection with the angelic realm! It will work to support you, ground you, and balance you. It will also send you healing energies that will benefit your body, mind, and soul.

Cluster-Crystal will boost your self-confidence and your ability to achieve your goals. This is ideal to put inside the bedroom or in your meditation space because it will work as an environment cleanser.

Regarding Celestite:

Celestite is a crystal known for inviting angels into your space and fostering a connection with the higher realms. It holds gentle, uplifting energy that helps to relieve anxiety, sadness and heavy moods. It is a creative stone especially useful for music and art.

Physical Healing Properties: It is an excellent healing stone, helping to dissolve pain and bringing in love. It helps with physical pain, eye and ear disorders, and mental torment. It is an effective healer and opener of the throat chakra.

Emotional Healing Properties: A good stone for dreams and dream recall, relaxation, astral travel, meditation and yin/yang balance. It helps with despair, nightmares, stress and worries. Celestite is a stone that inspires creativity.

Spiritual Healing Properties: Celestite is a stone with a high vibration, and is considered a teacher for the New Age. It inspires divine energies. It helps to jumpstart your spiritual development and guides you towards enlightenment. It stimulates clairvoyant communications, journeys out of the body and dream recall. It heals the aura and reveals the truth and is a useful crystal for stimulating clairvoyant communication. It is a stone that will summon your guardian angel and contact with angelic realms. Blue crystals are effective openers and healers of the throat chakra.

Chakras: Brow

Astrological signs: Gemini

History: Celestite is named from the Latin word caelestis, which alludes to its celestial sky-blue color. Celestite has the same root as the word “celestial.” Because of this, the crystal has a strong historical association with angels, divinity and heaven.

How to use it: Place the crystal as appropriate. It is good for meditation and scrying. A large Celestite crystal placed within a room helps to heighten the vibrations in the room. The color will fade if placed in direct sunlight. Place the crystal on the third eye to open a connection to the universal energies. Use as a focal point for meditation, prayer or mindfulness.

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Medium Celestite Crystal Cluster
Medium Celestite Crystal Cluster
Medium Celestite Crystal Cluster
Medium Celestite Crystal Cluster
Medium Celestite Crystal Cluster