Purple Agate and Onyx Mala Bead Bracelet with Ohm Charm

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Regarding Mala Beads

Crystal clusters are used for meditation and healing purposes. They can expand the mind to reach the spirit world.

A cluster crystal will radiate positive energy in a room, and this can be used to absorb the negative energies present. It’s also used for protection and for transforming bad vibrations into good ones.

It will enhance cooperation and harmony, and it will help your life force to remain positive all throughout. It will also offer a soft, gentle, and uplifting energy that will help raise your awareness.

This type of crystal will also establish and maintain a connection with the angelic realm! It will work to support you, ground you, and balance you. It will also send you healing energies that will benefit your body, mind, and soul.

Cluster-Crystal will boost your self-confidence and your ability to achieve your goals. This is ideal to put inside the bedroom or in your meditation space because it will work as an environment cleanser.

Regarding Agate:

Agate is a type of chalcedony that comes in a variety of colours and appearances. There are also other specific types of agate as well including moss agate, blue lace agate and iris agate. Agates make great decorative stones because of their layers of patterns and colours that are mesmerizing to look at.

Physical Healing Properties: Helps with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and bowels in general. Balances the lymphatic system and blood circulation. Also helps with skin disorders and eye issues. Great for detoxification.

Emotional Healing Properties: Agates are very grounding stones, and they work well to protect you. They work to balance mind, body and spirit so that you feel at peace. The multiple layers and bands in the stones can signify emotions coming to the surface to be accepted. Heals emotional traumas on all levels and gives you the courage to start again.

Chakras: Each different type of agate will correspond with a different chakra, and there is an agate for every chakra.

Astrological signs: This stone is associated with Gemini.

History: Agates are a form of chalcedony which was named after Chalchedon, an ancient port on the Sea of Marmara where stones were mined and traded. It has been used throughout history as a stone for household items such as goblets and decoration. When it was one of the only gemstones used it was considered very valuable, but now the value is lower. One type of agate is higher in value though, and that is Chrysoprase.

How to use it: Hold in mediation or place on your body where you need assistance in releasing blockages. You can also make an elixir using agate by allowing the agate to sit in water overnight and then straining the water to separate the crystal and the water. You can also use agate slices as a coaster to put your drinks on and it will charge your beverage with the healing energy of the crystal.

Agate Meaning via CrystalGemstones.net

Regarding Onyx:

A stone that gives strength and courage, onyx is also a deep and dark stone with many colour variations including black, grey, white, orange, red, yellow and brown.

Physical Healing Properties: Great for healing bones, teeth, bone marrow and blood disorders. Also helpful for the feet.

Emotional Healing Properties: Onyx is a grounding stone that helps you take control of yourself and your life. Assists in taking charge in situations so you can determine what is best for you or not. Provides support under challenging conditions and clears up confusion so you can see things with clarity. Brings in stability and strength.

Chakras: This grounding stone connects with the Root chakra and feeling grounded to the earth.

Astrological signs: Related to Leo and it’s firey yet stable and robust energy.

History: The name Onyx comes from the Greek word onyx meaning the nail of a finger or a claw. Legend has it that while Greek goddess Venus was sleeping Eros or Cupid would trim her fingernails which they later turned into onyx so she would live on forever in the stone.

How to use it: Wear onyx on the left side of the body or around the neck.

Onyx Meaning via CrystalGemstones.net

Purple Agate and Onyx Mala Bead Bracelet with Ohm Charm - Ohm Charm
Purple Agate and Onyx Mala Bead Bracelet with Ohm Charm
Purple Agate and Onyx Mala Bead Bracelet with Ohm Charm
Purple Agate and Onyx Mala Bead Bracelet with Ohm Charm