Strawberry Quartz Pyramid

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Please note, that appearance is approximate, each piece may vary slightly in size and color for each piece of gemstone is totally unique! All are very beautiful of course. Size (approx) 3cm x 3cm x 3cm

Regarding Pyramids:

The pyramid is especially well suited to channeling energy. Think of energy as a flow of water ... now imagine pouring a cup of water over say a cube ? Or a globe..?

The cube would tend to let the water fall off one edge, which is why Feng Shui works ... our tendency to make square houses means parts of our homes get more energy flow than others just by their shape alone.

Feng Shui attempts to correct this imbalance ditto for just about any other shape you could name.  

The Pyramid however .. if you pour water on the direct center of it will sheet the water evenly to all sides at once. This is what makes it a prefect shape for channeling energy. 

In times of old.. a Witch was always portrayed with a conical pointed hat of which we make much fun of now a days but there was good sound, practical reasoning behind such garb. The witch would be sitting under the closest thing to a pyramidal shape one can wear, and thereby increase the flow of energy for the rites. The priestess of old Egypt commonly wore a literally pyramidal hat made of metal during their rites for the same reason. 

Scientists know that specific shapes create energy. All forms have there own power from the outer world of space to the inner human and the cells that make up your body ... all are based on the same forms. 

The pyramid shape is the simplest, yet one of the most powerful representations ... No matter what material you use stone, metal, paper, if you make a pyramid shape and face one side to magnetic North, an energy field is generated ... just get a compass and align it.

Gemstones, are an especially powerful and ancient material, which are optimal in harnessing the power of the pyramid shape.

Regarding Strawberry Quartz:

Strawberry Quartz is a rare type of Quartz crystal with red inclusions. Also known as Red Fire Quartz but not to be mistaken for Rose Quartz, Strawberry Quartz. It gets its strawberry colour from the red inclusions which are strands of iron oxide. It’s a calming and soothing crystal that brings love and understanding, but it also can energize and revitalize.

Physical Healing Properties: Stimulates energy throughout the body and mind. It helps the heart and circulation. Good for pregnancy and birth, as well as helping the newborn baby grow strong.

Emotional Healing Properties: Brings calm to the subtle energy body. It’s an excellent stone to have when you’re getting back on your path in life. It can help you gain insights about yourself and the things you may wish to work on. It can also help you gain wisdom. It helps to create a loving space.

Chakras: Connected with the Heart Chakra

Astrological signs: Related to Libra

History: It’s said that the stone was first found in Mexico, and it started to become available in gem shows in the 1970s. People say that the location it was found in is kept a secret, but that didn’t stop people from nearly depleting the mines where it was found.

How to use it: Strawberry Quartz can help you gain energy in your body and mind. Perfect for if you feel fatigued. It will uplift you and bring you newfound energy. Wear the stone near your heart chakra or hold when you need a boost of energy. A wonderful stone to use in meditation and intention setting.

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Strawberry Quartz Pyramid
Strawberry Quartz Pyramid
Strawberry Quartz Pyramid